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Glass for solar panels and PV

Glass for solar panels and PV

Glass for solar panels and PV (solar glass) is being developed through the partnership between the D.A. Glass and Convex Glass Sp. z o.o. D.A. Glass has a large technical knowledge, professional laboratory, modern optical and chemical machinery. Convex Glass Sp. z o.o. responsible for a comprehensive treatment of cutting, grinding and tempering glass.

Glass for solar batteries and solar collectors is based on our patent solutions, which allow to modify the surface structure, thanks it glass can provide greater amount of energy to power equipments, from a few to even over ten percent more.

The structure of the offered glass is to achieve the greatest direct and hemispherical transmittance of light, but also for a range of wavelengths, which are the most efficient used by photovoltaic cells and absorbers of solar collectors.

In the case of photovoltaic panels, when we want to use the glass with optimally selected parameters, it is necessary to know the exact characteristics of semiconductor silicon, a maximum efficiency of solar cells built on silicon-based semiconductors falls on red in the visible and near infrared over the visible range, ie above 700 nm. Developed production technology allows to adjust the production of glass, and thus the quantity and quality of light transmitted to the individual parameters of the most effective work in the field up to 1400 nm.

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