Classic float glass

The basic type of glass most often used in the processing. Float glass is commonly called “ordinary glass” and it is made of the so-called “glazing set”. Float is smooth, transparent and has a characteristic greenish color, especially visible on its rough edges. The characteristic color of float glass is due to the content of iron oxides. This color is particularly noticeable in the cross section of a thicker glass pane.

Float glass has a huge range of applications, although most often the way to the finished product is through additional processing, such as laminating or toughening.

After hardening a single pane of float glass, we get the so-called toughened safety glass – ESG. In turn, by laminating two panes of float glass, we obtain laminated safety glass, i.e. VSG glass. Float glass is also the basis for other types of glass, such as colored glass or chemically etched glass.

  • glass thickness: 2-19 mm