Glass processing is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Over the years of our company’s activity, we have developed a number of innovative solutions, thanks to which processes such as toughening, painting or glass cutting are performed in a short time while maintaining the highest production standards.

The company Convex Glass sp.z o.o. every year as much as 6 million m2 of glass is processed. Our Production Department has several hundred qualified employees working on machines from leading manufacturers such as Bottero or Lisec. In addition to key processes such as toughening, cutting, grinding or chamfering of glass, we offer our clients additional services such as glass painting, hole cutting, CNC and Waterjet machining as well as lamination.

Our clients know that we are able to meet their requirements and that is why most of our contractors have been with us from the very beginning of the company’s establishment.

rozkroj szkla plaskiego


The basic and main process of glass processing. We start cutting the sheet from its optimization, i.e. dividing it in such a way that the waste obtained is as small as possible.

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szklo flat z wyszlifowanymi krawedziami


Is a mechanical processing process consisting in grinding sharp and irregular edges of the glass. The main advantage of ground glass is its operational safety.

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lustro srebrne fazowane


Glass bevelling increases its aesthetic value. The result of the chamfering process is an elegant and very effective refraction of the glass surface of the form.

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This process significantly extends the functionality of the glass. Making holes in the glass allows it to be used to create complex structures both in construction and architecture.

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szkło hartowane


The process involves heating the glass to a very high temperature and then cooling it down rapidly. This action makes the glass durable and more resistant to mechanical damage.

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Glass lamination

Glass lamination primarily strengthens its structure, thanks to which, even after breaking, the glass does not break down into small elements that could pose a threat to health or life.

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CNC/WaterJet milling

Two popular methods of cutting holes in glass. These processes are characterized by repeatability of shape, high quality of workmanship and safety of use.

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szklo float malowane


We carry out this process using two methods – roller painting and classic screen printing. Depending on the client’s preferences, we choose the most optimal method.

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