Silver mirrors

Silver mirrors are produced on the basis of colorless float glass. It is possible to obtain a reflection by applying a special silver glaze to the base glass. The mirrors we use do not contain copper and lead, which makes them corrosion resistant.

Mirrors can be further processed in the same way as glass, but excluding the toughening and bending process.

Mirrors are very often used as a decorative element in interiors, allowing for additional optical space. In addition, they are also used in the production of wardrobes or as an element of bathroom equipment.

  • mirror thickness: 3-6 mm


Color mirrors

Color mirrors are produced on the basis of standard float glass, on which a special silver “grout” is applied. In the case of colored mirrors, various types of metallic elements are added to this silver glaze, which affect the final color of the mirror.

In our offer you will find brown mirrors – their reflection has a warm, slightly beige shade and graphite, the reflection of which is more cold and subdued.

  • mirror thickness: 4 mm
  • color: brown, grey