Glass lamination

Lamination is one of the glass processing processes that is part of our services. The glass laminating process, first of all, strengthens its structure, thanks to which, even after breaking such glass, it does not break down into small elements that could pose a threat to health or life.

Glass lamination takes place by joining two glass panes with a special foil between them. This process is carried out in a specialized vacuum and high temperature furnace. The conditions created in the furnace make the foil perfectly bond with the glass panes without the formation of unsightly air bubbles on its surface. When broken, the laminated glass does not fragment.

Laminated glass is used in all places where dangerous situations may arise due to glass breakage. So we are talking about all public facilities, such as office buildings, offices, hotels, etc.

Of course, such products are also used for decorative purposes. They can be placed on the walls of elevators, mounted outside the cabinets and used to make decorative balustrades. The possibilities of using laminated glass are very wide and depend on the individual preferences of the buyer.

  • glass dimension (max.): 1600 x 2600 mm
  • glass thickness: 3-12 mm