The main activity of our company is glass processing, but we deal not only with its processing. For over a dozen years we have been providing comprehensive services related to the sale of float glass, low iron glass, mirrors, decorative glass and colored glass. Our clients can order glass from us with glass processing service!

We work on raw materials delivered to us directly from glassworks such as Pilkington, Saint Gobain or AGC Glass, because quality is our top priority.

szklo flat z wyszlifowanymi krawedziami

Float glass

This is the basic type of glass very often referred to as “base glass”. Float is characterized by a smooth surface and a delicate greenish color due to the presence of iron ions in it. The green color is visible mainly on thicker glass panes. On the basis of float, we are able to produce toughened glass, colored in mass, chemically etched or laminated glass, thanks to which its usability is huge.


Low iron glass

Low iron glass  – as the name suggests, it contains only a small amount of iron ions. Due to the lack of these ions, this glass, unlike ordinary float, does not have a characteristic greenish tint. Low-iron glass is characterized by increased light transmittance and therefore is very often used in the greenhouse industry.


Tinted glass

It is a classic float glass, which is treated at the production stage by adding appropriate chemical compounds to the “glass set” that affect its final color. The thicker the glass pane, the more visible and intense the color of the glass. Tinted glass comes in a wide range of colors and is used primarily in the production of shower cabins, furniture, glass enclosures and household appliances.

szklo dekoracyjne float

Ornament glass

This type of glass is also called decorative glass. The basis of this glass is ordinary float, which is heated to the appropriate temperature and then its surface is rolled with special, patterned cylinders. Decorative glass has a very low light transparency and is therefore used in places where discretion is required. It is most often used in the production of shower cabins, doors and kitchen furniture.

lustra srebrne fazowane

Silver mirrors

The mirrors are made by applying a special silver glaze on the base float glass. The mirrors we use do not contain copper and lead, which makes them more resistant to corrosion. In addition to hardening and bending, the mirrors can be further processed, which increases their utility value. Mirrors most often have a decorative function and are used in the furniture industry or as an element of bathroom equipment.

tafle szkla float

From European and other glassworks

Convex Glass cooperates with the largest glass suppliers, both from Poland and Europe. Our offer includes glass from manufacturers such as PILKINGTON Polska Sp. z o.o., GUARDIAN Częstochowa Sp. z o.o., Saint-Gobain Building Glass Polska and importers from around the world. A wide range of services and the use of only the best materials have earned us the favor of customers both from Poland and abroad.