szklo solarne

Glass for solar and PV panels, although it has recently appeared on our domestic market, is becoming more and more popular every year. This type of glass is mainly used for the production of photovoltaic panels and therefore its parameters are of key importance for this product.

The structure of solar glass is optimized in terms of obtaining the highest possible direct and hemispherical transmittance of light, but also for the wavelength range most effectively used by photovoltaic cells and absorbers of solar collectors. This type of glass is also characterized by a low iron content and high transparency. Glass panels not only produce energy or provide thermal insulation, their important feature is also the filtering of harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays.

In the case of photovoltaic panels, in order to use glass with optimally selected parameters, it is necessary to know exactly the characteristics of a silicon semiconductor; the maximum efficiency of photovoltaic cells based on silicon semiconductors is red in the visible range and near infrared outside the visible range, i.e. above 700 nm. The developed production technology makes it possible to adjust the glass, and thus the quantity and quality of the transmitted light, to the individual parameters of the most effective semiconductor operation in the range of up to 1400 nm.