szklo do AGD

Home appliances glass

Our extensive machine park which includes, among others two lines for bending glass mean that we have been cooperating with many reputable brands producing household appliances for years. High efficiency, many years of experience and several dozen ready-made forms with different bending radii allow us to accept orders for the production of glass for kitchen…

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szklo ornamentowe

Decorative glass

Decorative glass is commonly known as the so-called ornamental glass. This type of glass is made by rolling a pre-heated sheet of float glass with special rollers. The rollers used to roll the glass have a pattern that leaves a visible embossing on contact with the hot float. Depending on what pattern we use on…

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szklo solarne

Solar glass

Glass for solar and PV panels, although it has recently appeared on our domestic market, is becoming more and more popular every year. This type of glass is mainly used for the production of photovoltaic panels and therefore its parameters are of key importance for this product. The structure of solar glass is optimized in…

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szklo szklarniowe

Greenhouse glass

Greenhouse glass is the general term usually used to describe two types of glass most commonly used in greenhouse construction – float glass and “low iron” glass. Although both glass works great in the construction of greenhouses, they differ in the so-called LT factor determining the amount of light transmitted through the pane. Float glass…

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