We have been dealing with professional processing and distribution of flat glass for over 20 years.

The beginnings of the company

We took our first steps on the glass processing and distribution market in 1995. At the very beginning, the company had only a few dozen employees and the production area was located in two halls. Along with the increase of Convex Glass’s position on the market, the production area and the number of employees increased. At this point, we can boast of a modern machine park, 17 000 sqm of production space and qualified staff who, thanks to their experience and passion, are able to meet the requirements of our clients, both from Poland and abroad.

About Us
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What we do?

The main activity of our company has always been glass processing. We have been processing glass continuously since 1995, and our knowledge in this subject is supported by extensive experience. Every year, thanks to our modern production lines, we are able to process approx. 6 million sqm of glass. In addition to the processing of flat glass, we also distribute it. An efficiently operating logistic infrastructure means that our products reach customers both from Poland and abroad. We approach the needs of each contractor individually and try to meet all their requirements.


Flat glass processing

Convex Glass offers a wide range of services related to the so-called processing of flat glass. Our extensive machinery park allows us to process virtually any type of glass available on the market. Professionalism and knowledge of the industry have made us trusted by clients from both Poland and other European countries.

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Glass cutting

The main process of glass processing, which begins with the optimization of the glass, i.e. dividing it in such a way that the waste formed after cutting is as small as possible. The process is fully automated and performed using the most modern machines.

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Glass grinding

The grinding process not only levels and smoothes any unevenness on the edges of the glass pane, but also increases the safety of its use. Only polished glass meets the functional requirements and is suitable for further processing.

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Glass beveling

Chamfering is the process of glass processing consisting in decorative polishing of its sharp edges. It is recommended for processing products such as mirrors or glass tops. Our company performs three types of chamfering: single, double and triple.


It is a complicated and difficult process that requires the use of the most modern machines available on the market. By drilling holes in the glass, we significantly increase both its utility value and functionality.

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In this process we are using two techniques: screen printing and roller painting. Thanks to these techniques, we are able to make both complex patterns on glass and to paint them over the entire surface.

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Thanks to tempering, we are able to transform ordinary float into the so-called safety glass, which breaks into small, blurred pieces when broken. Glass is tempered in a toughened furnace heated to 680 ° C.

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Lamination is the process of joining two glass panes by placing a special foil between them. Thanks to the lamination process, the structure of the glass is strengthened and after shattering it does not become fragmented.

CNC and Waterjet milling

Glass processed with this technique is characterized by precision, high quality, repeatability of shapes and safety. For this process, we use numerically controlled machines from leading manufacturers on the market.

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We have been processing and selling flat glass for over 20 years. Our product offer includes a wide range of float glass of various thicknesses and parameters, as well as already processed glass, such as tinted glass, chemically etched glass or painted glass.

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